Ornate Outdoor Light Fixtures in Clarkston MI

Clarkston Outdoor Light Fixtures - Stay Green - gardenStay Green provides our customers with the best value in landscape lighting at the most reasonable prices. We are all fully trained, each with the skills needed to provide the finest installation or service repair. Our professional installation crews have the experience and knowledge required to do the job right the first time. We guarantee on-time and efficient service, quality workmanship, and the highest quality parts.

Stay Green's Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

We manufacture our own brand of Stay Green landscape lighting fixtures. We feature both Halogen and LED bulbs for our systems. The Stay Green Lighting brand was created by our company to provide you with the highest quality and most easily maintained landscape lighting system available. We only use the finest equipment for your landscape lighting needs and we carefully select from the best of the industry manufacturers the components necessary to build systems that are as service-free as possible. We never use materials known to have high return or damage rates.

Our products include:

We also have the following brands to choose from:
  • Kitchler
  • Advantage
  • Integral lighting
  • Illumin fx
  • Brilliance
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