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SmartLine - Weathermatic SL1600 - 4-Zone Base Controller


  • Input: 120VAC/60Hz @ 400mA for 3 valves
  • Output: 28VAC, 1.0A maximum
  • Fuse: 1.0A, slow blow
  • Dimensions: 9-1/8" W x 10-1/2" H x 4" D (23,2 cm x 25,7 cm x 10,2 cm)
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Auto Adjust Features:

  • ZIP Code input (5-digit) or Latitude input (+/-60 degrees from EQUATOR) establish location of site for solar radiation calculation
  • Sprinkler type input allows selection for zone sprinkler type (SPRAY, ROTOR, DRIP, BUBBLER) with preset precipitation rate or specific input of the zone precipitation rate (.2 - 3.0" per hour)
  • Plant type input allows selection for zone plant type (COOL TURF, WARM TURF, SHRUBS, ANNUALS, TREES, NATIVE) with preset crop factors or specific input of the zone crop factor (10 - 300%).
  • Soil type input allows selection for the soil type (CLAY, SAND, LOAM) and slope (0 - 25 degrees) for the purpose of automatically calculating a run/soak period to virtually eliminate run-off.
  • More/Less is settable by zone (-50% to +25%) for the purpose of fine tuning. Auto Adjust run times to accommodate factors like shade, wind, and sprinkler inefficiencies.

Features & Benefits of the SL1600 Controller:

  • 4-zone base model, expandable to 16 zones using SLM4 4-zone hot-swappable modules (Indoor/Outdoor rated)
  • Internal 120VAC/230VAC transformer with plug and play pre-installed 6' line cord (removable for conduit-wired installations)
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • 2 run modes:
    • Standard mode runs user input zone run times
    • Auto Adjust mode requires SLW Series On-Site Weather Station to calculate weather based run times that override user input zone run times
  • Rain/Freeze sensor bypass/active button located on face panel displays sensor status with tri-color LEDs (red indicates sensor is prohibiting irrigation; orange indicates an extended rain delay after weather station rain sensor permits irrigation; green indicates normal operation)
  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently
  • 8 start times per program
  • Nonvolatile memory and real time clock/calendar circuit to retain programs as well as correct date and time - with no battery required
  • Zone run times settable from 1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min. with operation countdown displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds (zone run times overridden by weather based calculated values in Auto Adjust mode)
  • Watering day selections of custom days of the week, odd/even, or interval days
  • Omit settings: omit time of day window, omit day(s) of week, and omit up to 7 calendar dates
  • Seasonal % adjust by program, by month for simple year round water budgeting (monthly percentages overridden in Auto Adjust mode)

Advanced Functions:

  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones
  • Diagnostic test function using onboard, multimeter displays transformer voltage; milliamp measurement for each zone.
  • Built-in valve locator function for locating hidden valves by simply listening for the audible chatter of the solenoid created by a unique electrical frequency (patent pending).
  • Review menu displays accumulated ET deficits by zone (in inches) and corresponding zone run times for the next available watering day.
  • Review menu displays maximum run time and minimum soak time used during Auto Adjust mode.
  • Review menu displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days.
  • Review menu accumulates total run times by zone from the last reset date.
  • Rain delay of 1 - 7 days may be selected (to pause and automatically resume operation).
  • SLW Weather Station extended rain delay programmable from 0 - 99 hours
  • Run/Soak cycles allow setting of maximum run time and minimum soak time by program for use in Standard mode only.
  • Zone-to-zone delay programmable for 1 min. - 3 hrs. to accommodate slow closing valves and recharging of water supply.
  • Master valve timing sequence with zone-valve programmable by "On Delay" (1 sec. - 1 min.; 2 sec. default) and "Off Delay" (1 sec. - 3 min.; 5 sec. default) to allow for line fill and slow-closing valves
  • Master valve/pump start operation assignable On/Off by zone
  • Clear program function to selectively delete an individual program
  • Clear all function to delete all programs
  • Backtrack stored program feature allows contractor to easily store a default program and retrieve the saved program in the event a customer improperly reprograms the SL800

GreenKeeper® 212 Series

The GreensKeeper 212 controller is a work horse piece of equipment. Easy to program and simple to use, this timer will provide a lifetime of service-free use.


  • Power: 120 VAC
  • Dimensions: Indoor: 20.3 cm W x 21.6 cm H x 5.1 cm D; Outdoor: 33 cm W x 24.1 cm H x 8.9 cm D
  • Weight: Indoor: 1.4 kg; Outdoor: 2.4 kg
  • Number of Stations: 2 to 12
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Number of Start Times: Per Program
  • Run Time: 4 hour
  • Programming Options: Days of the Week; Odd/Even; Interval
  • Valves: 1
  • Surge Protection: 6.0 KV common mode; 600 V normal mode
  • Location: Indoor; Outdoor
  • Output Power: 4 VAC
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Toro TMC-212 controllers are state-of-the-art sprinkler timers that are perfect for a variety of residential irrigation systems. Toro TMC-212 irrigation controllers have been recently upgraded, giving you the latest technology in Toro sprinkler controllers.TMC-212 irrigation timers are the most advanced and flexible sprinkler system timers in the residential irrigation industry. The Toro TMC-212 Irrigation System controller is simple to program and install, and its technology will stand the test of time.

Hydrawise Irrigation Management System

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - hydrawiseControl and monitor your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using your web browser or our iPhone and Android apps.

Unlike others, you don’t need to perform any complicated port forwarding on your router and expose your system to security risks to control your system from anywhere in the world.

A Hydrawise system is expandable to 24 zones, each of which can be assigned an individual name and tailored watering schedule based on the weather. Managing your garden’s watering has never been so simple and fun.

Save up to 50% on your water bills

Hydrawise uses your wireless internet (wifi) to access a live stream from weather stations close to you.  So with Hydrawise your garden’s watering is based on the best available, up-to-date information on the weather conditions in your area without any need for you to install your own weather station or rain sensor. 

Find out how much water you use

Hydrawise’s flow meters allow you to detect broken pipes, spray heads and faulty wiring or valves. The Hydrawise interface allows you to view the water usage for each watering cycle and set up email or SMS alerts when a zone’s water usage is abnormal.

Get beautiful reports

Find out exactly when your controller is going to water next, how much rainfall you’ve had, how much water you’ve saved and how much watering you’ve done.

Detect faulty wiring or solenoids when it happens

Hydrawise monitors the state of your wiring and valves and alerts you when abnormal current is detected – this could indicate a wiring short, a broken wire, or a faulty solenoid.

Replace your existing controller with no extra wires

The Hydrawise controller uses your wifi network to access the internet directly through your router – no need to leave your computer on or make any network changes. Simply enter your wireless password into the unit and you’re done.

Climate Logic

Wireless Weather Sensing System

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - climate_logicFor simple, water-saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol® introduces the Climate Logic® Weather Sensing System. Consisting of three components–a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors, a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller, and an SD card with the 10-year, local historical weather information -the system monitors weather data, transmits it to the module, then alters the controller’s program to “follow the weather”. As for compatibility, the Climate Logic Weather Sensing System works with the Rain Dial®-R, KwikDial® and the new MC-E controllers (blue model).

Operating Specifications:

  • 1,000' line-of-sight signal range
  • Compatible with the following Irritrol controllers:
    • Rain Dial-R Series and earlier Rain Dial (Blue)
    • KwikDial Series (with adapter cable CMR-ADP)
    • New MC-E Controllers (“blue" model) with CMR-ADP adapter
  • One weather sensor can communicate with multiple receiver modules


  • CL-100: Wireless weather sensor and module
  • CL-W1: Wireless weather sensor
  • CL-M1: Wireless receiver module
  • CL-R1: Remote control (transmitter only)
  • CL-MR: Mini-receiver (receiver only)
  • R-100-KIT: Mini remote kit (transmitter & receiver)

Key Features:

  • Built-in radios.
  • Easy, wireless installation with less labor than wired systems.
  • Temperature sensor for monitoring air temperature.
  • Shuts system off in cold weather.
  • Rainsensor™
  • Adjustable for the amount of precipitation to shut-off system.
  • Solar sensor.
  • Monitors the amount of the landscape site’s sun
  • Weather SD card.
  • Receiver Module
    • Connects to the controller with a single plug-in cord. No bundle of wires to individually attach.
    • Converts historical and today’s data from the weather sensor to percent of the hottest month’s watering time to apply.
    • Appropriately alters the controller’s water budget.
  • Contains the 10-year, historical weather information for North America with location access by zip code or latitude/longitude.


Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e1

Introducing the next generation in controllers! With an intuitive interface and exclusive features for “smart” control, the new Toro® EVOLUTION® is an easy choice for residential and light-commercial applications

  • Revolutionary Interface
  • Easy Upgrade to Integrated Smart Control
  • Computer-programmable with USB Drive
  • 4 to 16-stations

Revolutionary Interface

The EVOLUTION controller’s user interface was designed with the customer in mind. Shortcut buttons provide quick access to basic functions while the advanced menu leverages the experience and knowledge of the irrigation professional, all shown on a graphics display that navigates similar to many modern consumer electronic devices.

Easy Upgrade to Integrated Smart Control

An optional Smart Connect™ device plugs into the timing mechanism, enabling it to wirelessly communicate directly with a number of add-on devices—including a weather sensor, handheld remote, multiple soil sensors, and up to two wireless relays.

Computer-programmable with USB Drive

Simple-to-use software allows you to program everything at a computer. Use a standard USB drive to transfer programming to one or more controllers in a matter of seconds. Create your own schedules or utilize the easy to use wizard to generate a schedule based on the historical requirements of your location.


  • Power: 120 VAC
  • Dimensions: 11.25” W x 7.75” H x 4.5” D (286 x 197 x 114 mm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kg)
  • Number of Stations: 4 to 16 stations with 4- and 12-station hot-swappable modules
  • Number of Programs: One schedule in the default “standard” mode with up to six schedules in “advanced” mode
  • Run Time: Station runtimes from one minute to twelve hours
  • Output Power: 24 VAC
  • Battery: Battery on the timing mechanism for “armchair” programming


  • 11.25” W x 7.75” H x 4.5” D (286 x 197 x 114 mm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kg)

Electrical Specifications

  • Electrical input power:
  • 120 VAC
  • 30 VA maximum
  • UL, CUL Listed
  • Station output power:
  • 24 VAC
  • 0.75 amps per station maximum
  • 0.75 amps pump/master valve
  • 1.0 amps total load
  • Surge Protection:
  • 6.0 KV common mode; 1.0 KV normal mode
  • Operation of two solenoids per station (up to 0.75 amps per station max)


  • One schedule in the default “standard” mode
  • Up to six schedules in “advanced” mode:
    • Three irrigation schedules, four start times per schedule
    • One fixed auxiliary schedule, plus two wireless (optional Add-on)
  • Three scheduling choices:
    • Seven-day calendar
    • 1- to 30-day interval with up to seven-day restrictions
    • Odd/even days with up to seven-day restrictions
  • Monthly season adjust by schedule
  • Schedule stacking, with automatic split cycle when season adjust is greater than 100%
  • Grow-in schedule settable up to 90 days automatically reverts to regular irrigation schedule
  • Station runtimes from one minute to twelve hours
  • Allows 30, 60, or 90 second manual runtimes for things such as winterization/blowouts
  • Programmable well-recovery/station-delay from 10 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Pump start delay from 10 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Master valve on/off by zone
  • Timed water off from one to fourteen days
  • Compatible with normally-closed rain sensors
  • Automatic short detection for circuit protection and faster troubleshooting
  • Non-volatile memory doesn’t require batteries and holds programming for up to five years
  • Zone Diagnostic Test which displays current values, short, over current or open zones


  • 4 to 16 stations with 4- and 12-station hot-swappable modules
  • Cabinet easily mounts to the wall through two easily-accessible screw holes on the upper left-hand and right-hand sides of the controller
  • Red LED next to display lights in the event of an alert
  • 128 x 64-pixel graphical display
  • Battery on the timing mechanism for “armchair” programming
  • Outdoor key-lock cabinet manufactured out of durable UV-resistant plastic and includes standardized key used on many of the most popular controllers
  • Indoor cabinet includes internal transformer with pre-attached pigtail

Optional Add-ons and Accessories:

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e2

EVO-SC – Smart Connect™ Device

Installs easily on the back side of the EVOLUTION® controller’s front panel. No wires, No externally mounted receiver. One Smart Connect™ Receiver is all that is required to communicate to all Add-On Devices.

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e3

PSS-SEN – Precision™ Soil Sensor Probe

Up to three soil sensors can be used (one per schedule) to monitor the moisture level in the soil and prevent over- and underwatering. With up to a 500 feet (152,4 m) wireless range, there’s no digging required to install.

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e6

EVO-WS – ET/Weather Sensor

Uses live temperature and solar measurements as well as historical weather data for your location to calculate the amount of water needed from the irrigation system

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e4

EVO-HH – Maintenance Remote

Makes maintenance checks a snap, allowing you to run sprinklers or schedules from up to 1000 feet (305 m) away.

Sprinkler Controllers in Southfield MI | Stay Green - e5

EVO-AR – Auxiliary Relay

Up to two wireless relays can be used to turn on lighting, pumps, or fountains, just to name a few possibilities.

Add-ons and Accessories:

  • EMOD-4: 4-station Expansion Module
  • EMOD-12: 12-station Expansion Module
  • EVO-SC: Smart Connect™ Plug-In Receiver
  • PSS-SEN: Wireless Precision™ Soil Sensor Probe Only
  • EVO-WS: Wireless Weather Sensor
  • EVO-HH: Wireless Handheld Maintenance Remote
  • EVO-AR: Wireless Auxiliary Relay


  • Five years

Evolution Series Model List:

  • EVO-4ID: 4-station Indoor Controller
  • EVO-4OD: 4-station Outdoor Controller
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