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K-RAIN Valves

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Designed for residential and commercial use, these durable electric globe and angle valves offer solid construction, reliable performance and convenient operation to accommodate the specific needs of homeowners.

1" Plastic

Electric Globe/Angle - Residential

Electrical Specification:

  • Solenoid: 24 VAC
  • Inrush volt-amp: 24 VAC-11.50 VA
  • Inrush current: .4 amp
  • Holding volt-amp: 24 VAC-5.75 VA
  • Holding current: .2 amp


  • Rugged, double-beaded SANTO-PRENE ® diaphragm provides leak-proof seal
  • Buna-N valve seat seal
  • Manual internal bleed
  • Manual external bleed (flush mode)
  • Full stainless steel metering system
  • Floating bleed tube allows thermal expansion without affecting performance
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV-resistant PVC, glass-filled polypropylene and stainless steel construction
  • Encapsulated solenoid
  • Captive hex plunger And Threaded Bonnet for easy servicing.



K-RAIN ProPlus™

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Professional Series gear driven sprinklers are equipped with many features to ensure reliability and save the installer time, money and needless frustration. The ProPlus™ is easily retrofit to any other sprinkler.

K-Rain rotors have the lowest repair and service costs in the industry.

Proven high durability gear and exclusive design features make the ProPlus™ the sure winner!

ProPlus™ Superior Features Include:

2N1 Feature: Both adjustable and full, continuous circle heads in one rotor. At 360° setting, pattern changes automatically to full, continuous circle.

ARC Memory Clutch:

Arc setting automatically returns to original set pattern after nozzle turret has been intentionally or accidentally wrenched out of setting.

Patented ARC Set:

K-RAIN exclusive. Arc of rotation is clearly indicated on top. Adjustable from 35 degrees to 360 degrees, the sprinkler can be adjusted before installation or while the system is operating.

K-Rain MagiCad Precipitation Systems:

Installed on all rotor grass areas. Each area, no matter whether it's covered by 1/4, 1/2,  3/4, or full-circle rotation, will get the same amount of water per square foot.

5 Inch Pop-up Height:

ProPlus offers a 5-inch riser that pops up through even the tallest turf. The can height is virtually equal in size to most other gear drives, yet K-RAIN's ProPlus™ pops up an extra inch. All other brands pop up only 4 inches, splashing and wasting water as the turf grows in between cutting.

Patented Reversing Mechanism:

K-RAIN's patented reversing mechanism (U.S. Patent No. 5,417,370 Carl L.C. Kah, Jr.) insures reliable operation.

Excellent Nozzle Performance:

Nozzles deliver an excellent fall-out pattern. Independent testing by C.I.T. showed K-RAIN nozzles deliver up to 98% uniform coverage. (Complete test data available upon request.)


Pop-Up and Fixed Spray Heads

12 INCH, 6 INCH, AND 4 INCH Spray pop-ups for gardens, flowering areas and boulevard strip grass areas taking care of all the small important, delicate details.

Sprinkler Parts Southfield MI - Irrigation Supply | Stay Green - popSleek, styled body helps to provide a great looking first impression to your customer. Strong, ribbed body boasts a burst strength over 10 times the operational pressure. T-Plug Flush Cap makes flushing and installing nozzles a breeze. Ratcheting flow tube provides quick nozzle alignment. Double lip pressure-activated wiper seal and stainless steel spring supplies the sprinkler with good retraction capabilities. Side and bottom inlets on 6-inch and 12-inch spray heads provide easy installation options in non-freezing environments.

K-Rain mist heads have the lowest damage and return rates in the industry in the mist head category.


Drip Irrigation

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation, also referred to a drip, dripline, subsurface or low volume irrigation, is the process of delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the plant's root zone, drop by drop, offering users exact irrigation control and efficient use of limited water resources.

Netafim dripline products such as Techline CV and Techline feature pressure compensating, continuously self-flushing emitters. With Techline CV, a check valve psi also built into every emitter. With both products, you may install them subsurface or on-surface exactly where you want to irrigate.

For more information Netafim's revolutionary driplines please visit About Techline CV or About Techline.

Netafim dripline is the quickest and easiest way to install irrigation for shrub beds, narrow strips or areas bordering buildings, walls, walkways and streets.

Just snake it around the plants, secure it with soil staples every few feet and cover with mulch.

Why Should I Use Drip, Dripline or Low Volume Irrigation?

Saves Water

Netafim dripline is far more water-conserving than sprinklers. In general, Netafim applications use 30% - 70% less water than an overhead irrigation system and plants grow to maturity about 50% faster. Water loss due to evaporation, mist, surface runoff or wind interference is virtually eliminated.

Because of the conserving nature of Netafim low volume products, users report that they are typically granted an exemption from their water management district when other forms of irrigation are being restricted or banned. Check with your water management agency for more information.

Slow, Even Flow of Water to Plants and Soil

Shrubs and plants will thrive. A slow, steady application of water and nutrients directly to the plant's roots is the best way to ensure plant health and vitality.

Easy to Install - Flexible and Adaptable

Dripline installs easily in tight, awkwardly shaped areas that are hard to water with spray or rotary sprinklers spray systems. Techline CV and Techline driplines are very flexible and adapt to any planting shape.

Solves Spray and Rotor Irrigation Problems

No damaging spray on buildings, windows, fencing, or pedestrians in high traffic areas. Avoids unsightly brown spots on roses and other flowers, since spray never touches the plants. Soil and foliage are kept dry, reducing fungal diseases.

Improved Plant Growth

Makes plants fuller and healthier. Water and nutrients delivered directly to the root zone promotes healthy plant growth and reduces plant stress. Soil aeration is improved because soil particles are not washed down, thus decreasing soil compaction and improving root growth.

Saves on Maintenance & Labor

No moving sprinkler parts to have to repair. Installs with far less labor than sprinklers.

Unobtrusive & Aesthetic

Hidden under mulch or beneath the soil. Doesn't interfere with landscaping or scenery.


Dripline is far more cost-effective than sprinklers as it saves both time and money. Decreased labor to install & maintain plus lower overall material cost.


No exposed sprinkler heads, pipes or surface dripper lines to trip on or tamper with.

Reliability and Performance

You can count on us. Netafim has been the world's leader in drip technology since 1965.

Where Should I Use Emitters?

Shrub Beds & Planting Areas

You'll be delighted with the fuller blooms and greater beauty of your annuals and perennials when watered with Netafim dripline. Plants and shrubs grow fuller and healthier* with dripline versus sprinkler watering.

Based on published research.

Flower Beds & Flower Gardens

How about those tight or awkward areas that are difficult to water with conventional spray systems? Netafim dripline solves the problem and avoids spraying your walls, window and fences.

Odd Shaped & Hard-to-Water Areas

Consistent watering with Netafim dripline helps establish and protect new shrub beds and planting areas.

How do the Techline® CV and Techline® Emitters Work?

The Techline pressure compensating emitter is a fully self-contained unit molded to the interior wall of the tubing itself. Both the tubing and the emitter housing are manufactured from high-quality synthetic elastomers to withstand chemicals and fertilizers. As shown here, in the 4 step sequence, Techline is continuously self-cleaning during operation, not just at the beginning and end of a cycle. The result is dependable, clog-free operation, year after year.

Regulating Mode

Water flows freely along the center of the tubing, keeping debris out of the emitter itself. Techline's exclusive diaphragm and labyrinth design ensures a consistent flow rate.

Initiation of Flushing Cycle

Particles create back pressure and push back the diaphragm to initiate the flush cycle.

Flushing Cycle

Diaphragm flexes and any particles are washed out of the regulating chamber.

Regulating Mode

After flushing, Techline automatically resumes its regulating mode.

Where Can I Find Out How to Design, Bid and Install a Netafim Subsurface or On-Surface System?


Netafim irrigation offers a comprehensive series of documents to help you design and install a Techline system.



HosEnclose™ Conveniently Stores A Garden Hose Just Below Ground Level

Sprinkler Parts Southfield MI - Irrigation Supply | Stay Green - hoseLooking for a convenient way to store a garden hose out-of-sight and still have it available instantly for use? Now there’s a handy way to do it, thanks to the new HosEnclose™ below-ground hose storage system from Carson Industries.

HosEnclose™ consists of a high-density polyethylene enclosure, a 40-ft. or 60-ft coiled garden hose, a spray nozzle and PVC plumbing, all provided in one complete package. HosEnclose™ is installed below ground level anywhere in the yard with only the lid exposed. Simply open the hinged lid to access the hose and water. When closed, the lid will support foot traffic.

The PVC plumbing assembly (piping and water valve) is all built-in, ready for connection to a water line. Adding one or more to a landscape irrigation system is simplified with the included 1/2” PVC union connector.

Homeowners will find a HosEnclose™ handy near potted plants, the patio for quick cleanups and the driveway to wash the car. By eliminating unsightly hose clutter, HosEnclose™ avoids the chance of accidental tripping. In addition, the polyurethane hose will last longer due to limited exposure to the sun’s deteriorating UV rays. The nozzle features a comfortable urethane grip and eight adjustable spray patterns.

HosEnclose™ is offered in Green or Desert Tan colors, and in two enclosure and hose sizes. It is available nationwide at John Deere Landscapes, Ewing Irrigation, Horizon Irrigation and Hydro-Scape Products stores. Suggested list price is under $200. HosEnclose is backed by a 5-year limited warranty, excluding hose and nozzle.

Carson Industries was founded in 1968 and is the leading manufacturer of grade level enclosures for Turf & Irrigation, Electric, Water, CATV and Telephone utility markets. Carson Industries operates five manufacturing facilities and serves a global market.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that long hours and hard work have paid off and will continue to pay off in a business that grows through referrals and satisfied clients.